Faith-Based Organization

Mission Statement

Launched in 2016, Together is a catalytic movement representing hundreds of ministries and thousands of churches who are united around their belief that Jesus changes everything. While those involved come from diverse backgrounds, we are united around an urgency to share Jesus and unleash a revival among Millennials and Gen Zs.


Our world is hurting. Never before have we seen so much division, pain, and loss. Never before has the Church been so loud about issues that are not eternal and so silent about what matters most. In the midst of so much pain, it seems that fewer believers are sharing Jesus than ever before, and statistics tell us that Millennials and Gen Z people represent the most unreached and biblically illiterate in American history. Even with all of our big events, conferences, and churches, we are losing more ground than ever before.

We need revival. We need change. We need Jesus.

More than another spiritual high or large conference, the aim of TOGETHER ‘22 is to activate a generation to share Jesus and be sent home with the courage, community, and tools to share the Good News.

If you are simply looking for a feel-good concert, this probably won’t be your vibe. If you want to be a part of seeing a supernatural shift on your campus, in your city, in your family, and in an entire generation–then join the party.